The GBA is beginning to plan a major conference sometime in 2019.  The topic will be “The Future of Money, Governance, and Law”

We are planning to have the event in a public space on Capitol Hill and invite legislators, regulators and government employees to join for free.  There will be a charge for private sector attendees.  We will attempt to peer 100 years into the future for a provocative look at the impact of crypto-currency, blockchain, and other emerging technologies like robotics and AI on government, governance support structures and citizens ..100 years from now!


Some possible tracks or presentations:

  • A world without banks
  • Money without inflation
  • Money without Borders
  • Money without Fractional Reserve Banking (Hard Money)
  • crowdsourcing government in lieu of taxes
  • What is THE LAW? Tracking the legal Code, Regulations, and Judicial Decisions to understand the LAW, now and in time.
  • Law as Code, no literally as software, Solidity.
  • Transparent Earmarking/ Radical Transparency
  • Sovereign Autonomous Organizations (SAO)
  • Digital, not geographical, Citizenship; Citizenship without Borders
  • Voting
  • Implicit Voting … (using proxies to determine the sentiment of citizens)
  • Digital Dignity implemented via MID’s
  • Digital Sovereign Rights, digital property.
  • Privacy in a Transparent World
  • Privacy and Identity implemented through Personas
  • Digital Reputation and Identity


To join the planning committee, please contact Kathy Dache, Events Director at [email protected]

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