The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an International Professional Association and a US-based non-profit, membership organization that consists of individuals and organizations that are interested in promoting blockchain related solutions to government requirements. Membership is available to Civil Servants along with private sector  Professionals and Corporations. 

GBA creates relationships that would otherwise not come about – between and among technologists, public policy makers, application specialists and those who simply need to understand the new and emerging digital currencies that will change the world. GBA will act as a catalyst in creating a public dialog around the creative, profitable and positive leveraging of blockchain.

What We Do

Government at workGBA connects people and organizations with blockchain based solutions to problems typically faced by government entities.  

  • GBA is not a lobbying organization. However, it does bring together governments around the world (at all levels) with industry, in order to create helpful dialog that will facilitate the efficient, ethical and rational adoption of blockchain technology so that this powerful innovation increases the quality of life for citizens across the world.
  • We conduct and promote networking, training and educational events
  • Publish and support the creation of content to help members understand and communicate important blockchain related information.

Ethics Statement

We understand that any global advocacy association will need to reflect viewpoints and positions from many varied perspectives.  Yet, technology like any inanimate object, is neutral with regard to human motivations.  Therefore, the following tenants will guide GBA leadership and its members as we engage public policy makers, influencers and citizens at large:

  1. Technology is a resource that can and should be used for good, on behalf of citizens across the world.
  2. The resultant uses of technology such as blockchain and related innovations should be to improve quality of life of citizens.
  3. Governments, civil servants, and laws are instituted by citizens and nations to serve and protect, not to suppress or hinder the free and positive pursuits of the governed.
  4. The inalienable rights and dignity enjoyed by citizens shall not be unduly suppressed by the authority of governments as they carry out their mandated roles and responsibilities.
  5. GBA will only pursue goals that serve to form a more perfect union between and among governments and the citizens they serve, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense of citizen’s rights and welfare and secure the blessings of liberty in a free society.


The GBA functions based on the recommendations of global advisory boards. The boards represent the interests of government, corporate and individual stakeholders.  Learn more about our  GBA Advisory Committees and Strategic Priorities

PresidentGerard Dache
Chief Strategy OfficerJonathan Lehman
Director, Global Business DevelopmentSaba Kifle
General CounselMike Bombace
Director, Finance & AccountingJanine Steere
Director, Training ProgramsEric Guthrie
Director, Program Management Office (PMO)Robert Perry
Director, Chapter OperationsJames Kana
Director, Community EngagementMichael Novak
Liaison, International OrganizationsRichard Jones
African LeadNgueti Armand Gaetan
Americas Lead
European LeadTommy Jamet

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