Sweetbridge sponsors the development of blockchain-based economic protocols and applications to transform high-friction global supply chains into Liquid Value Networks. The Swiss-based non-profit foundation is gathering interested industry technologists, blockchain projects and open-source contributors from around the world to form a blockchain alliance. The shared goal is to transform brittle, industrial-era commerce through decentralized industry ecosystems that create a faster, fairer value exchange, unleash working capital, better utilize resources and optimize talent for the benefit of all participants. To learn more or get involved visit http://www.sweetbridge.com.

NoMoreCaptchas stops bots that try to register and log in to websites, leave spam comments on blogs and social sites and send spam message emails through contact forms.

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The QBRICS Blockchain Platform enables personalized access control and secure data governance between any private blockchain network, application or product.

iPseudo™ is the world’s first personal, user-centric security appliance that locks down the most critical factor in your infrastructure – the human endpoint.

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