Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Fundamentals (CCBF) Certification provides an overview of the cryptocurrencies and how to buy them etc.

Learning Objectives :

An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and how to buy them

What is a Cryptocurrency?
First Cryptocurrency.
What is the potential?
Open Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet.
Buying Coins From a Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Buying Coins From Forums and Crypto Communities.
Buying Coins From Friends.
Coinbase Wallet or similar wallet.
Buying Bitcoin from Coinbase or similar Exchange.

An Introduction to blockchain technology

Introduction to Blockchain.
History of Blockchain.
What is Blockchain?
How Blockchain works.
Sending Money.
Trust in Blockchain.
Blockchain Mining.
Consensus in Blockchain.
Benefits of Blockchain.
Blockchain Participants and Roles.
Types of Blockchain.
Blockchain for Business.

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