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There is often no substitute for meeting and interacting with others in a face-to-face manner.  Like-minded technologists and civil servants expect to collaborate around complex issues.   This is why it makes sense to establish localized groups that will convene, converse and collaborate in order to produce vetted solutions, ideas, and recommendations that are particularly directed at their city government, state/provincial government or federal law makers (for those living near federal capital cities).

ChapterChapter MeetingsChapter LeadView Chapter Members & ParticipateLocal Site
Atlanta, GA USAView EventsRandall PiresView GroupMeetup
Austin, TX USAView EventsBridge CravenView GroupMeetup
Baltimore, MD USAView EventsMargaret Peeples
View Group
Boston, MA USAView EventsChetan Manikantan
View GroupMeetup
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaView EventsHernan MarredoView Group
Charlotte, NC USAView EventsRomil JainView GroupMeetup
Chennai, IndiaView EventsSrivatsanView GroupMeetup
Cleveland, OH USAView EventsKyle Wang
View Group
Dallas, TX USAView EventsJohnathan NoblesView GroupMeetup
Dayton, OH USAView EventsRober Slater
View Group
Denver, CO USAView EventsJohn CarpenterView GroupMeetup
Dubai, UAEView EventsUtpal NathView GroupMeetup
Honolulu, HI USAView EventsJericho GusmanView Group
Houston, TX USAView EventsStewart SeverinoView GroupMeetup
Irving, TX USABhola Panta
Kansas City, MO USAView EventsGaurav JainMeetup
Kuwait CityView EventsRami AlSahharView Group
Lincoln, NE USAView EventsView GroupMeetup
London, EnglandView EventsTommy JametView GroupMeetup
Los Angeles, CA USAView EventsAmy BerlinerView GroupMeetup
Manila, PhilippinesView EventsMeetup
Miami, FL USAView EventsMeetup
Mexico City, MexicoView EventsJesus MedelView GroupMeetup
Moscow, RussiaView EventsStanislv TaktaevView GroupMeetup
New Delhi, IndiaView EventsSunny MattooView Group
New Orleans, LAView EventsJim St. ClaireView Group
New York, NY USAView EventsAndrew HoppinView GroupMeetup
Paris, FranceView EventsLeila NassiriView GroupMeetup
Puerto Rico, USAView EventsGiancarlo GonzalezView GroupNone
Philadelphia, PA USAView EventsJavid MohammedView GroupMeetup
Phoenix, AZ USAView EventsLeslie PicoView GroupMeetup
Raleigh, NC USAView EventsView Group
Reno, NV USAView EventsElisa CafferataMeetup
Reston, VA USAView EventsDaniel YimView GroupMeetup
Richmond, VA USAView EventsWilliam MiddletonView GroupMeetup
San Antonio, TX USAView EventsNicholas AtkinsonView GroupMeetup
San Francisco, CA USAView EventsNeeraj AgarwalView GroupMeetup
San Juan, Puerto RicoView EventsGiancarlo GonzalezView GroupMeetup
Scottsdale, AR USAView EventsMeaghan GrantMeetup
SeoulView EventsKi KimMeetup
SingaporeView EventsAhmed SyedView GroupMeetup
Sydney, AustraliaView EventsCéline PozzoView GroupMeetup
Tampa, FL USAView EventsJanine SteereView GroupMeetup
Tokyo, JapanView EventsKohei KuriharaView GroupMeetup
Toronto, ON CanadaView EventsBernie DoyleView GroupMeetup
University Park, PA USAView EventsPhillip GalinskyView GroupMeetup
Valladolid, SpainView EventsIsmael ArribasView Group
Vancouver, BC CanadaView EventsAngel GonzalezView GroupMeetup
Washington, DC USAView EventsTerri PhiferView GroupMeetup
West Palm Beach, FL USAView EventsView Group
White River, VT USAView EventsRyan MunnView GroupMeetup

Is the GBA not hosting any Events near you?  Start a Chapter in Your City! (or contact James Kana to get involved)