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It is always an interesting challenge to design a Blockchain Technology awareness session for IT professionals with decades of experience into software engineering, software project management, business management, infrastructure management cutting across sectors and verticals. Blockchain Technology Education and Evangelism is what we love the most, as it has opened up countless avenues for experiments and explorations into the fathoms of computer science, cryptography, mathematics and economics. It’s the true renaissance of engineering and economics.

Sometimes carefully crafted analogies with time tested computer science and software engineering paradigms such as cloud computing, peer to peer networks, distributed databases, consensus algorithms, agreement protocols, replicated state machines, concurrency control, concurrent data structures, wait free synchronisation, global stabilisation time, etc. would be necessary as it would help us to convey the essential Blockchain concepts to an experienced software engineer and a computer science enthusiast.

When we try to educate a computer science student or a young startup professional, we can get started with the innovative concepts around game theory, decentralisation, cybersecurity, cryptography, consensus algorithms etc. It has to be a unique and differentiated pedagogical method in comparison with the model for experienced professionals.

Here is a collection of videos from my webinar session on the Blockchain Technology Essential Concepts and Fundamental Building Blocks for a community of experienced software engineers and information technology professionals. The first part of this webinar session focuses on the fundamental building blocks and the basic foundations of Blockchain Technology.

The second part of this webinar session focuses on the deeper aspects of Blockchain Technology with reference to Banking and Financial Services related use cases.

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