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Public Sector Distributed Autonomous Lottery Discussion (Online)

September 16, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm UTC-5



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The GBA Gaming Group is a new working group established to explore the development and implementation of Distributed Autonomous Lottery models.

Join members of the GBA for an online discussion about regulatory matters and technology implications related to raising funds via blockchain gaming applications for city, county, state, or provincial entities and charitable organizations.

Charitable gaming as we know it is primarily a land-based operation nonprofits rely upon as a means to raise funds for their causes and communities.  Microbial threats have disrupted that model and the casino gaming industry, impacting the tax contribution to the marketplace.  A digital transformation of the charitable gaming industry addresses the unmet needs of  Charitable gaming which has an increasing place in the global gaming industry.  Community organizations offer an extended economic impact beyond the regulated gaming market.  This strength is leveraged through technological integration and community.  Regulations have the greatest affect as the gaming industry dramatically mobilizes.  Organizations need to plan, prepare and promote public policies that are competitive and inclusive of charitable gaming.  This is significant to local, altruistic efforts, creating a ripple of social and community development.  New authorized gaming models, mobile technology and blockchain applications are leveraged to benefit stakeholders and enhance the management and regulatory landscape.

The GBA Gaming Group is planning to produce a series of panel discussions from September 2020-February 2021, leading up to the Government Blockchain Week in Washington D.C.,  in March.

The first Gaming Group panel discussion, introduces the new work group, invites new members to the group and will provide a gaming industry overview and explore the roles and responsibilities of the Gaming Work Group in support of the GBA and members at-large.  Gaming and blockchain developers discuss questions and answers posed by the GBA and works to identify specific GBA Gaming Group goals to benefit the organization and its members.  Participants are encouraged to provide feedback on meaningful approaches to distributed autonomous lottery models and surrounding supportive applications.


Public Sector Distributed Autonomous Lottery Discussion:  GBA Gaming Work Group Introduction & Lottery Industry Overview 


Current Digital Transformations in the Market

-Authorized Gaming:  What authorized gaming is available in the U.S.? How has Authorized Sports Wagering & the Wire Act affected the gaming industry in the U.S.?
-Mobile Gaming Applications:  What impact does mobile technology have on gaming?  What are some of the challenges of brick-and-mortar gaming and solutions through mobile gaming?
-Certified Blockchain RNG:  What are Certified Blockchain RNGs and how are they used and distinguished within the marketplace?

-State of Charitable Gaming:  What challenges and opportunities are charitable games facing today?

Responsible Gaming & Identity Management

-Blockchain KYC:  How can blockhain identity management positively impact KYC and protect players, individual privacy?
-Loyalty Extension:  How can blockchain enhance community connections and Corporate Social Responsibility?  How can blockchain empower citizens, donor-players & nonprofits?
-Affiliate Marketing:  What is the impact of affiliate marketing in gaming?  How can affiliate marketing be improved with blockchain?
-Fraud Prevention:  What impact is fraud having on the gaming industry?  How can blockchain be integrated to prevent fraud?


Blockchain & Regulations

-What blockchain applications are governments employing in gaming?
-How can blockchain enhance the regulatory landscape from an operational perspective?
-How does blockchain meet the goals of regulation?

DLT & Charitable Game Management
-Fair Gaming:  How does blockchain enhance the nonprofit gaming experience?  What problems does blockchain solve for traditional charitable game play?
-Immutable reporting:  In what ways can blockchain impact game reporting for charitable game operators and distributors?
-Charitable Licensing Integrity:  What is the impact of charitable gaming in the U.S.?  How can blockchain empower nonprofits and donors?

The Panelists are:

Shiv Aggarwal– Identity Management:  Shiv is the CEO of MyEarth.Id, solving the problem of Identity Management using Cryptography and Digital Ledger Technology. Shiv is a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on products and services in niche areas. Shiv has been actively working in the Blockchain industry and has in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Digital Ledger technologies.

Michael Mendyk – Responsible Gaming:  Michael provides consulting services and managerial guidance to B2B and B2C companies seeking to access opportunities and grow market share within the regulated US gambling industry – including emerging markets in the Caribbean and LATAM region.

Tara Sue Myers–  Charitable Gaming:  Tara Sue has over 15 years of charitable gaming experience as a volunteer operator, game developer and licensed distributor and technical integration for nonprofits.  She has assisted in the start-up, management and support of several nonprofit, service organizations and serves as President of the Gaming Benefits Corporation which is actively working to solve integrity issues within the charitable fundraising and corporate responsibility space.  Tara Sue is co-founder and volunteer Executive Director of the Veterans Foundation of NH & Veterans Law Project.  The charity serves as distributor of record for  a mobile, localized raffle built upon the Peerplays Blockchain.

Eoin Whelan–  Blockchain Gaming:  Eoin Whelan is VP of Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (‘PBSA’), PBSA is an organization that promotes the advancement of blockchain technology for the gaming sector. Eoin is a technology and business leader with a deep knowledge of emerging technical innovations, with a focus on blockchain and its use cases across a number of industries including the lottery, gaming and igaming industries.

Gideon Van Kessel– Gideon Van Kessel is the CEO and founder of GVK Consulting Group LLC, a boutique consultancy providing strategic business development, corporate networking, executive support, logistics and project management for high tech companies, with a main focus on hospitality, gaming and lottery industries.

Moderator:  Gerard Dache-Mr. Dache has been a CMMI high maturity lead appraiser, company executive, consultant and business coach for almost two decades. He has traveled around the world assessing, training, and consulting with organizations in Asia and the United States. He has worked with small businesses and major government contractors. His business philosophy stems from his personal commitment to excellence and integrity. He prioritises people above profits and integrity above gains. His overall objective is long-lasting relationships based on trust, admiration and respect.

Questions to Audience Participants:

How can the GBA Gaming Group use gaming models to connect and support other GBA work group efforts?

In what regions does the GBA operate where charitable gaming is permitted?

How can the GBA use gaming to build and support government blockchain applications?

What GBA Member applications are there that directly or indirectly relate to gaming?

Whom among the GBA Members have a blockchain RNG?

Audience Questions, Comments & Discussion






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