The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an International Professional Association and a US-based non-profit, membership organization that consists of individuals and organizations that are interested in promoting blockchain related solutions to government requirements. Membership is available to Civil Servants along with private sector Professionals and Corporations.

GBA creates relationships that would otherwise not come about – between and among technologists, public policy makers, application specialists and those who simply need to understand the new and emerging digital currencies that will change the world. GBA will act as a catalyst in creating a public dialog around the creative, profitable and positive leveraging of blockchain.

GBA is a non-profit (501c6) that connects people and organizations with blockchain based solutions to problems typically faced by government entities.

  • GBA is not a lobbying organization. However, it does bring together governments around the world (at all levels) with industry, in order to create helpful dialog that will facilitate the efficient, ethical and rational adoption of blockchain technology so that this powerful innovation increases the quality of life for citizens across the world.
  • We conduct and promote networking, training and educational events
  • Publish and support the creation of content to help members understand and communicate important blockchain related information.

We understand that any global advocacy association will need to reflect viewpoints and positions from many varied perspectives.  Yet, technology like any inanimate object, is neutral with regard to human motivations.  Therefore, the following tenants will guide GBA leadership and its members as we engage public policy makers, influencers and citizens at large:

  1. Technology is a resource that can and should be used for good, on behalf of citizens across the world.
  2. The resultant uses of technology such as blockchain and related innovations should be to improve quality of life of citizens.
  3. Governments, civil servants, and laws are instituted by citizens and nations to serve and protect, not to suppress or hinder the free and positive pursuits of the governed.
  4. The inalienable rights and dignity enjoyed by citizens shall not be unduly suppressed by the authority of governments as they carry out their mandated roles and responsibilities.
  5. GBA will only pursue goals that serve to form a more perfect union between and among governments and the citizens they serve, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense of citizen’s rights and welfare and secure the blessings of liberty in a free society.

Our dream at the GBA is to bring together government employees who are looking to solve problems with private sector people and organizations with blockchain based solutions. That dream stands on 3 legs, our Working Groups, Local Chapters, and Communities of Interest.

Working Group (WG)
WGs are where members and GBA produce content. WGs evaluate needs and develop blockchain recommendations, solutions and publications. They perusing some kind of deliverable, anything from a white paper to a product. Each WG defines its own goals. Any GBA member can join any WG because they are not localized, But they are subject driven. This encourages highly interested and self-motivated members to join and produce a quality content. Every WG member can find and communicate with other experts or leaders in their field, and GBA monitors progress in all its groups and is dedicated to promoting WG deliverables to interested public and private sector parties, who might benefit from the WGs effort.

Chapters are essentially the grassroots communities of GBA. they are localized groups that meet at least once a month, normally at a restaurant or social space, where there is high-level presentation (often based on one of the WG projects) that is designed to keep attendees educated and up to date with the latest blockchain new and tech. These events are almost always free unless there is a cost for the venue, but GBA does everything possible to make these monthly chapter meetings free to everyone who wants to be a part of the conversation. We have developers and interested entrepreneurs show up often, lots of people come just to learn, and local and state legislators often attend to either speak about how they would like to see blockchain befit their district, or to better understand the technology.  Our Chapters help to connect people locally, and are dedicated to educating those who need it, and encouraging a blockchain discussion between legislators and constituents.

Communities of Interest (COI)
COIs are non localized communities that share a common interest. unlike WGs they are not actively producing content or perusing a product, and unlike CHs they are not localized. COIs are interested or influential parties. For example, some of our COIs include “Universities and Education”, “Government Executives”, and “Development – Ethereum”. These are just a fraction of the groups that represent the people and industries that blockchain will most likely impact or disrupt. Because of that, their input is incredibly important. to help facilitate a smooth adoption of blockchain, the people who will be affected most should have their voices heard as well as be the most educated. We hope that the COIs will interact with the WGs closely to define common goals for the technology and help all involved parties reach a better understanding of the challenges ahead.

If you want someone from GBA to speak at your event, Just ask our members!
We want to help you find the right GBA member to speak at your event, through our website. Many GBA members are well-informed thought leaders in the blockchain or government spaces, and we have a vast and growing network worldwide. We recommend you take a look at your local GBA chapter or one of our Working Groups to pick a leader or member of a group that reflects the theme of your event.

For example, if you’re hosting an event in New York City, focusing on cryptocurrency regulations, then you should start by reaching out to the New York Chapter, found in out Chapter Directory. and one of our working groups under Financial Regulatory & Compliance that you can find in our Working Group Directory.

Membership FAQ

The value of being a member of GBA will be priceless for any professional or organization that desires to lead, or even simply monitor-the global transformation as blockchain improves government services across the world.

  • Community and affinity with those also interested in serving governments with this technology
  • Targeted networking among those in this field
  • Sharing of resources and insights that will assist your professional development
  • Policy and governmental guidance for civil servants
  • Discounts on training, events and other special offers
  • Notifications about specific items of interest to your profession
  • A voice and forum for expressing your opinion, concerns and ideas relative to blockchain
  • Access to unique opportunities

In summary, we will serve our members (be they civil servants or commercial entities) by connecting them to the heartbeat of blockchain and government activities.

  • Students are encouraged to join GBA with a reduced fee and attend as many of the meetings as possible; blockchain is a great way to plug in with professionals and large firms who may be hiring talented and curious (and recently graduated) blockchain professionals.
  • We highly encourage the active participation by employees of local, state, federal and international organizations that are considered quasi-governmental or inherently governmental. Please register with your governmental e-mail address (.gov, .mil, etc.) to receive this member benefit.
  • • Access to all Meet-ups, networking, and learning events sponsored by the GBA • Access to free material on the GBA Web site • Participation at regular chapter meetings • Member discounts to fee-based events • Opportunity to become certified • Monthly newsletter • Permission to use GBA Professional Member™ logo (individually)
  • • Professional benefits available to 5 company employees • Permission and encouragement to use GBA Corporate Member™ logo (corporately) • Corporate members are promoted to GBA members, chapters, and social media followers using GBA methods and platforms.
  • • Professional benefits available to 10 company employees • Permission and encouragement to use GBA Corporate Member™ logo (corporately) • Corporate members are promoted to GBA members, chapters, and social media followers using GBA methods and platforms.
  • • Professional benefits available to 15 company employees • Permission and encouragement to use GBA Corporate Member™ logo (corporately) • Corporate members are promoted to GBA members, chapters, and social media followers using GBA methods and platforms.

Civil servant memberships are expected to register with a government-issued email such as one ending in .gov or .eu. These memberships are intended for government representatives who see the potential that blockchain could have in their community and want to build connections with other GBA members to pursue that future.

GBA student memberships require the user to sign up with an email ending in .edu.

University employees and teachers do not qualify for student membership.

Account FAQ

Joining a chapter is easy and free! Anyone who registers with GBA can get access to chapter schedules, meetings and content.
To join, simply go to the Chapter Directory located in the main menu under
“GBA Association”
>”Active Chapters”
locate your nearest chapter with the map or search bar, and once you’re inside, click “join group”

Joining a working group is easy, but only paying members have access to the content within the groups.
To join, simply go to the Working Group Directory located in the main menu under
“GBA Association”
>”Working Groups”
Identify the Groups that align with your interest or experience, and once you’re inside, click “join group”

Joining a community of interest is easy, but only paying members have access to the content within the groups, and some CoIs require the community leader to approve membership to the group.
To join, simply go to the Community of Interest Directory located in the main menu under
“GBA Association”
>”Communities of Interest”
Identify the communities that you belong to, and once you’re inside, click “join group” or “request membership”

To add a Vendor, Application/Product, Publication, Organization, Grant/Project, Job or Contract Position Click Here or go to “Add Listing” located in the main menu under
>”Add Listing”

Creating an event on our website is easy, but events are only published if they focus on blockchain in government and are submitted by a civil servant, professional, or corporate GBA member.
To create an event Click Here or go to “Add Events” located in the main menu under
>”Add Event”

To edit your event, simply go to My Events in the main menu under
>”My Events”
Once you’re there, locate the event you want to update, and click “Edit” under the event title.

Every event is personally reviewed by a trusted GBA member to ensure it meets our standards. This causes a delay between the time you submit an event, and the time it reaches our website. We understand how inconvenient this can be, but it’s important to us that we vet the events we promote.

Those standards are…
-the focus of the event is somehow related to blockchain use in government
-there is no misleading information in the event title or description
-the event contains the necessary data such as date, time, address, cost, etc.
-the event was submitted by a professional, corporate, or civil servant GBA member
-the event doesn’t violate the GBA ethics statement

To manage your members, simply go to the Corporate Dashboard located in the main menu under
>”Corporate Dashboard”
from there, if you scroll down, you can add/delete and update the role of your members.
when filling out the form on the right to add a member, please provide…
-First name
-Last name/
-Username (optional)
Then click “Add Member”.
GBA will send an email, inviting that person to claim their account.

you can bypass the invite email by checking the box labeled “Disable the group invite email and automatically add this user to the group.” however we recommend sending the invite email, so the corporate admin can monitor who has activated their account.

Once a member has joined the corporate group, the owner can change their status back and forth from “member” to “admin”
Members can still use the “corporate dashboard” but only admins can add/remove members or edit their rolls.

Please scroll down to contact support.
When describing the issue, provide us with your GBA username and email to help us resolve it as soon as possible.

Training FAQ

The certification is issued by the GBA.  The GBA has been delivering training to members for blockchain consultant training since 2017.  However, the demands for training quickly surpassed the capacity of GBA trainers.  Consequently, the decision was made to establish standards that cold be used by established training companies to deliver high-quality training.

The training courses was reversed engineered into a training standard (defined in the GBA Training Handbook).  The Handbook was reviewed by the GBA Training Working Group.  Then it was sent to all of the GBA Working Group and Chapter Leaders around the world.  Finally, it was formally published for public comment.  Those comments were incorporated into the current version of the Training Handbook.  The standards are reviewed and revised every quarter as the needs for high-quality training evolve.

Companies that want to deli liver GBA certified training must go through a process to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the GBA training expectations and that they have the competency and capability to deliver training.   While this technology, and this certification program is still young by most standards, it continuous to evolve and improve based on global consensus and a commitment to have an open and transparent process with high standards.