The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has established advisory committees to provide recommendations and accountability for the GBA Core Team to help them maintain the integrity and credibility of a global organization.  The committees established include the:

  • GBA Corporate Member Committee
  • GBA Chapter Leader Advisory Committee
  • GBA Working Group Leadership Committee
  • GBA Government Advisory Committee

The first order of business for all of the advisory committee is to define their internal governance structures and document them.  These documents will be charters for them.  The GBA Core Team is looking forward to providing regular briefings to the committees on activities, financials, business processes, opportunities, risks and issues to the board for their advice and recommendations.  While the core team is not compelled to strictly adhere to the advisory committees, this is the first step towards establishing a governance model that will eventually use smart contracts and DAO concepts to establish a self-governing organization.


2018 Strategic Priorities

  • Establish Governance & Oversight Structure for the interaction of all advisory boards, the core management team, working groups, chapters and communities of interests.
  • Expand and formalize the GBA Certified Blockchain Training Program.  Deploy GBA credentialed training globally in 2018
  • Establish a compensation model for chapter leaders based on the revenue generated from their respective chapters
  • Commission several GBA Strategic Projects (projects that include multiple working groups and chapters).  They are:
    • GBA Trusted Contractor Certification Credential – Contractors that use blockchain based  principles to verify the integrity of their work and records
    • Building Smart Contract Template for GBA Corporate Members to help GBA Government Contractors become “Trusted” and provide templates that they can take to their government customers to discuss pilot projects and proof of concepts.
    • Explore the development and deployment of a GBA Token to encourage contributions to the GBA community

Chapter Leader Advisory Committee Members

Working Group Advisory Committee Members

Institutional Advisory Committee

Corporate Advisory Committee

Government Advisory Committee


Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa)

United States

  • National
    Jim Moran, US House of Representatives (Retired)
    Sandy Barsky, US Government Services Administration (GSA)
  • State
  • Local
    Joel Binn, New York City Government




For any additional information about the GBA Advisory Committees, please contact Gerard Dache, President, GBA