Come and join us for these events in the Washington, DC area. GBA hosts events were people come together to learn, connect, communicate and collaborate. See our current schedule of events in the Washington, DC area below.

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We hope to see you at a GBA event soon!

DateEventLocationGBA Member Cost
JUN 17-18Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$300
JUN 18Data Analytics, Cryptocurrency & the LawArlington, VAFree
JUN 19Blockchain Healthcare Specialist (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$150
JUN 20Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Columbia, MD$150
JUL 18Selling Blockchain Solutions to GovernmentArlington, VAFree
JUL 22-23Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Alexandria, VA$300
JUL 24Blockchain Financial Specialist (GBA Certified)Alexandria, VA$150
JUL 25Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Alexandria, VA$150
AUG 5-6Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$300
AUG 7Blockchain Legal & Legislative Specialist (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$150
AUG 8Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Herndon, VA$150
AUG 20Blockchain & Identity ManagementArlington, VAFree
SEP 9-10Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Alexandria, VA$300
SEP 11Blockchain Healthcare Specialist (GBA Certified)Alexandria, VA$150
SEP 12Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Alexandria, VA$150
SEP 14-15Symposium: The Future of Money, Governance & the LawArlington, VAGov (Free)
Student ($25)
Others ($399)
SEP 15GBA Leadership Forum (Evening)Arlington, VAFree / TBD
SEP 17Blockchain & Energy ManagementArlington, VAFree
SEP 23-24Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$300
SEP 25Blockchain Financial Specialist (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$150
SEP 26Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Herndon, VA$150
OCT 7-8Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$300
OCT 9Blockchain Legal & Legislative Specialist (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$150
OCT 10Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Columbia, MD$150
OCT 15Blockchain & Supply Chain ManagementArlington, VAFree
NOV 4-6Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$300
NOV 7Blockchain Healthcare Specialist (GBA Certified)Herndon, VA$150
NOV 8Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Herndon, VA$150
NOV 19Blockchain & VotingArlington, VAFREE
DEC 2-3Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$300
DEC 4Blockchain Financial Specialist (GBA Certified)Columbia, MD$150
DEC 5Executive Consultant (GBA certified)Columbia, MD$150
DEC 17

Blockchain and Donations, Campaigns, and Charities

Arlington, VAFree


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