The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) sponsors a Budget, Accountability, and Transparency Working Group. It is led by Steve Olson, the OCIO Congressional Programs Manager at the US Library of Congress. The Working Group invites all local, state (provincial), national and international government employees, along with members of the Government Blockchain Association, to study the opportunities and risks of blockchain technologies when applied to government budgeting, appropriations, and management.

The group meets every first and third Saturday of the month at the US Library of Congress (and by phone). One of the GBA members, Russell Castagnaro of GBA member company Wampei has proposed a project to launch a blockchain platform that will allow any government entity to accept cryptocurrencies as payments for taxes and other revenues.

The GBA is currently reaching out to other organization to discuss the proposed project and discuss ways that we could work together to create good synergies with our members and constituents. We are exploring relationships with other renowned and reputable organizations like the National Association of State Budgeting Officers (NASBO) and the National Association of Auditors, Controllers, and Treasurers.

GBA members that wish to participate n this project should log in and join the Budget, Accountability, and Transparency Working Group and attend our meetings on the First and Third Fridays of the month.



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