GBA members collaborate in local chapters and working groups.  We have established a culture of cooperation and collaboration.  With such a huge demand and market place, GBA members know that there is no way that any individual member can satisfy all of the demand.  We also know that when many organizations work together, they are more effective and efficient than they can be individual  GBA members promote each other and have established a family culture of mutual support and promotion.  Towards that end, GBA members offer discounts and complementary products and services to fellow GBA members.

The table below lists the current offers.

GBA MemberOffer TypeOffer DescriptionInstructions
BlockDropLegal Compliance ToolBlockDrop document generation software supports legal professionals. It provides access to reliable industry-tailored resources, such as templates,workflows, checklists, and drafting guides as well as practice tips, all offered on our easy-to-use, web-based platform.

BlockDrop offers a ten percent discount to all GBA Members. 
Use the discount code "BlockDropGBA2018" at 
Coding BootcampsTechnical TrainingAmount of Discount: $200 per course registration for online or DC classesSign In & View Discount Code
Simba ChainBlockchain Development ToolSimba offers free use of their development tool to all GBA members. The tool allows people to build blockchain applications without having prior development skillsDownload Here