We are seeking a Block Chain expert to join our Global Technology Operations team. You will be an innovator and represent Broadridge in the industry with Blockchain. You will present the best practices and guide us as we grow our Blockchain efforts.

Primary Responsibilities

* Design and implement solutions that use either ‘permission’ or ‘public’ chains for our client base

* Rapidly develop enterprise software applications and platforms using Blockchain technologies

* Provide technical mentoring and direction on using Blockchain technologies

* Work across peer groups to develop Blockchain solutions for the business

Hiring Organization
Huff Consulting

Education and Experience

* A degree in Computer Science / Mathematics or equivalent

* Experience developing horizontally scalable solutions

* Have practical experience developing on Blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, R3, Ethereum, Ripple, PeerNova etc.

* Experience working with cryptographic protocols

Skills and Knowledge

*Must have Blockchain expertise to be considered for the position- this must be experienced working in a work environment

*Experience with Java, .Net

* Experience using Camel a positive

* Experience with RDBMS or NoSQL databases.

* Good communication skills (written and spoken) a must

* Understanding of the cryptographic principles underpinning of Bitcoin 2.0 and Blockchain technologies

* Mentoring experience a positive

* Familiarity using Blockchain solutions like Hyperledger or Ethereum.

Jersey City
State / Province
New Jersey
United States