Member BenefitInterested PersonCivil Servant (CS)*StudentProfessionalSmall BusinessMid-Size Corporate MembershipLarge Corporate MembershipStrategic Partner
Description(one Person)(one Person)Non professional(one person) Using US SBA GuidelinesLarger than SmallPublic Company Other
Attend Meet Up EventsXXXXXXXX
Annual Membership FeeFree Meet-UpsFREE$49 US$350 US$1,500 US$3,000 US$5,000 USNegotiated
Access (Read Only) to Free Material posted on Web SiteXXXXXXXX
Receipt of newsletter from GBAXXXXXXXX
Notification of new resources availabiltyXXXXXXX
Participation at regular chapter meetingsXXXXXX
Member Discounts to fee-based eventsXXXXXX
Free Membership in a local Chapter (other than Wash. DC)XXXXXX
Opportunity to become certified (individuals only)XXXXXX
Networking among other members/organizationsXXXXXX
Member Discount to Annual MeetingXXXXXX
Upload/post to blockchain body-of-knowledge (BOK)XXXXXX
Access to other exclusive content posted in portalXXXXXX
Receive First Release of Survey Data (vice delayed receipt)XXXXX
Submit/post articles for possible publication/Guest Authorship, etc.XXXXX
Access/post/upload to GBA Blog and opportunity alertsXXXXX
Posting of open blockchain related jobsXXXXX
Searching of open blockchain jobsXXXXX
Working Group Participation & LeadershipXXXXX
Representation on GBA Advisory Council?XXXXX
Post (upload) resources into database of practitionersXXXXX
Ability to cast vote on issues and referenda items (WHEN APPLICABLE)XXXXX
Display GBA branding on company websiteXXXXX
Access to list of membersXXXXX
Discount to Training and Learning SeminarsXXXXX
Opportunity to Volunteer at Events, Committees, etc.XXXXX
"Member Profile" Page for your organizationXXXXX
Discount for booth purchase at annual member meetingXXXXX
Able to view solicitations and procurementsXXXXX
QTY of participating members Included in this category151015negotiated
Additional corporate members can be added, annually (price per)N/A300300300negotiated