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Anthony Shuler


Department of Transportation Maritime Administration


Washington, DC, USA

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Summary of Experience

"I am invested in about 33 different cryptocurrencies and have experience working with multiple online exchanges, online wallets, and external cryptocurrency wallets as well. Here is a list of cryptocurrency companies I have personal experience working with: BitCoin Ethereum Iota Ripple Dash LIteCoin Stellar Neo NEM EOS Lisk OmiseGo Waves Hshare Steem Salt Decred Tron SiaCoin Golem Decentraland SysCoin BasicAttentionToken Bytom DigiByte FunFair StreamrDataCoin EnjinCoin NoLimitCoin BlackCoin Wagerr HIVE"

Professional Goals & Objectives

I am looking to be a big part of finding the best blockchain solutions to manage and secure government data, improve government compliance, and enhance commercial maritime commerce. The government is going to have to play an active role in familiarizing the public with cryptocurrencies, and transitioning them into this new paradigm. Leveraging my congressional and public relations background would prove advantageous to both the government and the American public.

Domain Experience

Advertising, Agriculture, Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Education /Training, Entertainment / Recreation, Government / Military / Defense, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations, Real Estate, Transportation / Distribution / Railway

Use Case Experience

Asset Management, Budget Management, Information Management, Intellectual Property, Property Management, Records Management, Supply Chain Management, Other

Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Other

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Full Time

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