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Prof (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt


Satoshi Education & Consulting (SatoshiCon)


Founder & Executive Director


Karlsruhe, Germany

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Summary of Experience

Before Bitcoin came to publicity me and a research team has the honor to do security checks. From that point and the publication of Bitcoin I started the Satoshi Initiative to spread knowledge about this new technology. In 2010 I started the Satoshi Competence School. In 2013 I started to research on DLT Technology. In May 2017 I showed on the Coinsbank Cruise how to hack Ethereum live with a team. I always worked as a conceptualist. I educated countless businesses and governments in the early stages and our team was helping adopting Bitcoin as currency in Japan. During the beginning of the ICO movement I started to to travel round the globe and become speaker on several conferences. I developed a university course becoming Blockchain Administrator/Advisor and started a relationship with the Infinity Law- Tech and Educational Services for new technologies which supports next to the Indian government regulators all over the world. I founded the World Nature Rescue Plan DWC-LLC in Dubai, which is the hub of SatoshiCon. Satoshi Consulting & Education also implements DLT technology. We restructure the company to DLT with the existing IT and Database developers (or our own cooperations) and create a blockchain (DLT) for supply chains. With the invention of IoT I also started to create smart city concepts including DLT, AI and IoT concepts and realization. Fighting poverty and the problems of a modern world I created the former Edison Project a token based ownership lending model where everyone can participate even without KYC and bank account. This opens the door to markets. I started several charity projects based on Bitcoin only models, to show the power of Bitcoin. I'm author of the book "The Generation Bitcoin".

Professional Goals & Objectives

We are in the beginning of an epochal change in big data collection and reshaping of networking by technology. This will leads into the situation that near 2/3 of all jobs we know today will be wiped out sooner or later. Our information society is transforming to the "smart citizen society". Work will be done by robots through machine learning ("AI"). Big data collection will be channelized through IoT and Transaction-processes will be automated by DLT Technology and Smart Contracts. Our dual payment system (Government e-money (former fiat) and Bitcoin) will change the way how we create valuation and exceptional growing models. We are on the edge of the breakthrough. My goals and objects here is to pave the way in a dialogue and higher education about technologies, ethical rules in new technology and finally creating a knowledge standard in understanding and using this technologies for more humanity and fighting our self made problems.

Domain Experience

Art & Entertainment, College/University Professor, Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Education /Training, Entertainment / Recreation, Environmental & Waste Management, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Government / Military / Defense, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Insurance, Legal, Mining, Other, Real Estate, Retail, Risk & Compliance, Smart Cities, Telecommunications, Transportation / Distribution / Railway, Utilities & Energy

Use Case Experience

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Asset Management, Budget Management, Data Analytics, Disbursement Management, Financial Crimes, Financial Instruments, Identity Management, Information Management, Intellectual Property, Permits & License Management, Property Management, Records Management, Sanctions, Service Design / Optimization, Security, Supply Chain Management, Voting / Election Systems

Blockchain Development Experience

Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric

Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, NEM, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitshares, Steemit, EOS, Chainlink, Zcash, Other

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English, German

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