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Suzannah Simmons


Cogent Law Group


Washington, DC, USA


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Summary of Experience

I work as the Director of Business Development and Operations for Cogent Law Group, a law firm based in Washington, DC. In addition to other roles at Cogent, I help bring together partnerships, investors, programming, and events concerning Cogent, our clients, and the FinTech, Blockchain, and Technology space. Cogent has expertise in not only all areas of business/corporate, employment, and government contracting laws, but is also highly skilled in financial regulations, compliance programs, money transmitter laws, ICOs, and FinCen requirements. The financial technical ""FinTech"" team works with individuals and companies – of all sizes – from the start-up stage to exit and acquisition. Our FinTech attorneys are extremely well versed in the Banking Secrecy Act (""BSA""), Anti-Money Laundering (""AML""), and Know Your Customer (""KYC"") rules. They have specialization in Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (""FinCEN"") requirements and guidance, written and ongoing AML compliance programs, state-by-state money transmitter laws and licensure requirements, as well as Blockchain platforms and Bitcoin. If you would like to learn more about how Cogent can help you or have questions concerning compliance or legalities, please email me at Cogent offers free 30 minute consultations every week and would love to help anyone in the Government Blockchain Association.

Professional Goals & Objectives

I am always continuing to form a deeper understanding of blockchain applications, technology, and the community. I am especially interested in bringing together all folks that are working with blockchain whether as a developer, consultant, user of blockchain technology, investor, or startup.

Domain Experience

Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Government / Military / Defense, Legal, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations

Use Case Experience

Financial Instruments, Identity Management, Information Management, Intellectual Property, Permits & License Management, Security

Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash

Availability for Work or Contract Opportunities

Full Time

Available for Travel*