Individual Membership Benefits

  • Applicable to Professional, Civil Servant, and Student Membership
    • The only difference is the price point
    • Civil Servants must use their government-issued emails to qualify for this free membership
    • Students must use their school emails to qualify for this reduced-price membership  
  • Community and affinity with those also interested in serving governments with blockchain technology
  • Can enter personal information into member directory to enable being contacted for jobs, contracts, and speaking opportunities
  • Can post events and blogs on the GBA website
  • Receive discount pricing on GBA sponsored events
  • Can use exclusive GBA Member™ logo on their resume or website
  • Can speak and present at GBA sponsored events
  • Receive GBA Member Benefits & Discounts from other GBA Members


Individual TiersDurationCost
Professional Membership1 Year$299
Student Membership

(Requires use of school email)

1 Year$49
Civil Servant Membership

(Requires use of government email)

2 YearsFree

Organizational Membership Benefits

    • Same benefits as the Individual Memberships, but with added privileges and three tiers
    • Privileges of Corporate Memberships include:
      • Listing their organization in the GBA Organizational Directory
      • Promotion through multiple channels including:
      • Ability to post information about their training classes, products, services, job openings, publications, presentations, and any other type of promotional material
      • Ability to use the GBA Corporate Member Logo
  • Small Organizational Membership
        • For organizations with less than 50 employees
        • Includes 5 user accounts with Professional Memberships
  • Medium Organizational Membership
        • For organizations with 50 or more employees
        • Includes 15 user accounts with Professional Memberships
  • Large Organizational Membership
        • For organizations with fractional ownership (i.e. publicly traded or employee-owned)
        • Includes 40 user accounts with Professional Memberships
  • Small Organizational Members can upgrade to a Training Partner
      • This includes the same benefits of a Small Organizational Membership, but with 5 extra user accounts (for a total of 10)


Organizational MembershipDuration# of User AccountsCost
Small Organizational Member (less than 50 employees)1 Year5$1,500
Training Partner (less than 50 employees) 1 Year10$3,000
Medium Organizational Member (more than 50 employees) 1 Year15$5,000
Large Organizational Member (organization with fractional ownership) 1 Year40$20,000

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