There are a number of developments from the Central American region, primarily:

  • Carlos Toriello Herrerías created the Guatemala Chapter of GBA and became the Central America Lead for GBA.
  • With Guatemala on the map, January’s goal is to add the El Salvador chapter and identify potential leaders for the Honduras chapter.
  • A Central American Caravan is in the works to represent the region at the GBA FoMGL event on January 31st. The goal is to have members from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala in attendance at the event.
  • #Fiscal_Digital joined the GBA Voting Working Group and submitted their proposal for the use of blockchain in Guatemalan elections to the Election Modernization and Updating Committee of the Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal. They join the 79 institutions that will be working closely with authorities to adapt improvements to the election system by the end of February 2020. Their proposal can be viewed on YouTube in Spanish HERE.

Other plans include participation in regional events and to establish cooperation with South American chapters. We aim to showcase the benefit that GBA brings to the region and further integrate chapters with one another to spur more collaboration in Latin America.

2020 will be a big year for the region and GBA will grow along with it.

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