A Note from the Executive Director Gerard Dache

GBA's Executive Director Gerard Dache

GBA’s Executive Director Gerard Dache








As we start the new year in 2020, I look back to 2019 with gratitude at what GBA members and leaders have accomplished together. For example, GBA Chapters launched in over 100 cities, while Working Groups forged ahead with new projects. GBA also cultivated content all over the world, teaching enthusiasts from blockchain technology beginners to the movers and shakers who are shaping our industry.

However, GBA also curated the Future of Money, Governance, and the Law conference series – one of GBA’s most exciting ventures. With the help of GBA members, GBA events flourished at some prestigious universities around the country.

GBA’s conference series is increasing its visibility where on January 31, 2020, the next FOMGL event is held at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Aside from our series of FOMGL events, GBA also has lined up some amazing global events. Since all GBA members may schedule their blockchain-related events in GBA’s events calendar, and also post blogs on the GBA Blog site, we now have a rich source of information for people to use. If your event or article is not listed, at your convenience please add it by logging into the GBA website and selecting “My Account,” and then click on your Professional Dashboard.

I also have some updates about improvements to GBA’s website. As many of you already know, GBA is continuously building out the GBA website platform with content and features that will hopefully improve your membership experience by promoting our members and making our member’s expertise and solutions available for solving problems around the world. Fortunately, we have already made progress throughout 2019: Our GBA Individual Member Directory, as well as our Organizational Member Directory, is improving on a daily basis.

GBA’s New Concierge Service

Finally, GBA’s promotional capacity has exploded since 12 months ago. We have subscribed to new digital marketing and communications software which may send press releases to 1,000 media professionals per day. GBA’s organizational members also have access to our new software.

If you are interested in sending out announcements or other communications to the media, here is more information about GBA’s Concierge Service.

GBA Member Highlights

To find out what is happening at GBA, please browse through the hyperlinks listed below.

Thank you again for joining GBA. I wish everyone success and happiness. 


Gerard Dache
Executive Director
Government Blockchain Association

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