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Bridging the gap, Kilroy Blockchain is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that connects regulated industry verticals to a trusted immutable ledger – the blockchain. We are helping RegTech companies, big and small, meet the demands of regulators, by streamlining workflow and compliance while capturing all the transactions and key decisions along the way.

No matter your industry of focus, our utility plug-in service is designed to provide an experience of ease and convenience. Tailored to the specifics of the industry you serve, together we will set smart contract criteria. Our secure APIs and microservices track the self-executing contracts. While consensus takes place, the data is monitored and supervised, and then directed to be stored in a linear and unchangeable fashion in the blockchain.

Through technology you get truth. Our platform offers you a safer, more secure and efficient path to faster transactions, trusted collaboration and higher productivity… making your job easier and delivering a competitive advantage. You focus on your clients and we’ll connect the dots as you leapfrog to the forefront.

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