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“Entertaining and fascinating. The prose is crisp and engaging, the narrative voice confident, and the plot skillfully imagined and intelligently developed.” — Readers Favorite

A businessman gets the offer of a lifetime from the tiny, island country of Consensusland, but the catch is troubling: give up everything he knows about business and finance on a leap of faith in cryptocurrency and the power of blockchain. Will he take that leap?

A gripping narrative infused with dramatic realism, this book shows what a society running on the blockchain could look like, intertwining allegory and commentary to capture the current debate around bitcoin, altcoins, and money.

“A must-read for any crypto-enthusiast or newcomer that’s trying to understand the ‘use-case’ for blockchain.” — Misha Yurchenko, author, “Bullish on Bitcoin”

“Unique story, realistic themes. Brilliant literature.” — Red Headed Book Lover

Beyond all the hype around blockchain technology, some companies are building real businesses with it. While Bitcoin works today, other blockchain technology is getting billions of dollars in funding and has the potential to help billions of people.

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