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GBA certified training organizations and Instructors around the world need to have standards and criteria when delivering GBA certified training. The purpose of this document is to guide course designers and instructors when developing GBA compliant training materials and assessment tools to facilitate GBA training certifications.

While this version of the document (0.4) is still in draft and is being distributed for public comment, it will ultimately be used by the GBA Education & Training Working Group and GBA authorized instructors. Members of this community include blockchain experts from around the world and in many different industries. Please feel free to review this global blockchain training standard and provide feedback and comments at by July 15, 2018.

This set of slides describes the resources available for networking, learning, collaborating, developing and successfully implementing blockchain solutions. You can download a PDF version or go to the Dropbox link to download the PPT version.

Scan any business, technical, or financial media source today and you are sure to find an article on blockchains. Blockchains have emerged as one of the next big transformational technologies. However, blockchains are more than technology and how transactions will be executed and the potential impact on the economy is enormous. It’s still early in state government, but with the potential in the public sector, NASCIO will be exploring blockchains in the coming months. We won’t delve into the mechanics of blockchains, nor the potential for proliferation of new “e-currencies.” NASCIO will open the door to the world of blockchains through a variety of conversations with leaders in state government and industry in order to begin discussions regarding where blockchain technology can serve the mission of state government.

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