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This executive summary sets the stage for the comprehensive report in which the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Tax Working Group has studied and reported on how governments can adapt to the changing landscape of cryptocurrencies. The full report covers the following key areas:

  • Government implementations – such as privacy/automation of transactions, laws allowing innovation, and management of digital IDs.
  • Regulation – such as regulating blockchain-based charities and lottery systems.
  • Financial inclusion – how cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation can include more citizens in new financial systems.
  • Predictions – attempts to forecast innovations that can potentially improve the lives of citizens and enable more prosperity in future economies.
  • Tax policy – discusses proposed taxing structures that allow for widespread use of cryptocurrencies, while limiting government hindrance in using these currencies.

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Cryptocurrency Maturity Profile (CMP)



This set of slides describes the resources available for networking, learning, collaborating, developing and successfully implementing blockchain solutions. You can download a PDF version or go to the Dropbox link to download the PPT version.

GBA certified training organizations and Instructors around the world need to have standards and criteria when delivering GBA certified training. The purpose of this document is to guide course designers and instructors when developing GBA compliant training materials and assessment tools to facilitate GBA training certifications.

While this version of the document (0.4) is still in draft and is being distributed for public comment, it will ultimately be used by the GBA Education & Training Working Group and GBA authorized instructors. Members of this community include blockchain experts from around the world and in many different industries. Please feel free to review this global blockchain training standard and provide feedback and comments at by July 15, 2018.

WASHINGTON, DC – December 5, 2020

GBA Healthcare Working Group Releases White Paper as First Asset in Blockchain Ethical Design Framework for Healthcare

Beginning early 2020, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Healthcare Working Group (HWG) began undertaking the development of an ethical design framework for blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry as a service to the public. The GBA HWG is releasing the first asset in the Blockchain Ethical Design (BED) Framework for Healthcare in the form of a White Paper.

“We are excited to offer this guidance to healthcare policymakers, decision-makers and innovators in implementing blockchain featured technology in the healthcare space. The BED Framework for Healthcare is being developed collaboratively by members in the HWG including caregivers, entrepreneurs, healthcare technologists and legal professionals from around the world. We cover a comprehensive spectrum of use cases, regulatory and legal scenarios, and procedural insights based on real world experience in healthcare technology innovation. This White Paper is only the first asset in a suite of guiding tools the GBA HWG will be releasing through 2021, and we are looking forward to the feedback of our audience.”

Marquis Allen, GBA Healthcare Working Group Chair

The purpose of this publication is to:

  • Identify potential ethical issues of blockchain used in health service delivery
  • Discuss potential ethical issues for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem including regulatory and compliance segments
  • Propose a conceptual framework of blockchain ethics as it applies specifically to its design, implementation and use in healthcare.
  • Create an outline from which the Blockchain Ethical Design (BED) Framework for Healthcare and its assets, tools, documents and content will be developed by the GBA HWG.
  • Raise awareness and stimulate further debate on the ethics of blockchain in the healthcare IT, health system governance and regulatory communities.

To download the Blockchain Ethical Design Framework for Healthcare

The GBA invites you to contact them for more information. Learn more about the Government Blockchain Association and our many Working Groups including the Healthcare Working Group by contacting Marquis Allen.

Scan any business, technical, or financial media source today and you are sure to find an article on blockchains. Blockchains have emerged as one of the next big transformational technologies. However, blockchains are more than technology and how transactions will be executed and the potential impact on the economy is enormous. It’s still early in state government, but with the potential in the public sector, NASCIO will be exploring blockchains in the coming months. We won’t delve into the mechanics of blockchains, nor the potential for proliferation of new “e-currencies.” NASCIO will open the door to the world of blockchains through a variety of conversations with leaders in state government and industry in order to begin discussions regarding where blockchain technology can serve the mission of state government.

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