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This presentation described how blockchain can help address the following conditions:
1) 62% of insured adults rely on their doctors to manage their health records
2) 29% keep them in a file drawer or even a shoebox
3) Over 300 different EHR systems in use today,
4) 3 different IT systems of record for every encounter
5) On average we see 18.7 different doctors in our lifetime
6) Little to no communication among systems
7) Our medical records are scattered across many different types of systems controlled by many different IT departments and behind many different firewalls (no one has a holistic view of your health)

Presented at the Government Blockchain Leadership Forum in May 2018.

– Leveraging blockchain to orchestrate transactions in the payer eco-system
– Leveraging blockchain to streamline and increase authenticity for pharmaceutical supply chains

This is one of the modules in the GBA Certified Healthcare Specialist Course. This module describes the scope and magnitude of the problems associated with the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device supply chains and it describes how blockchain technology along with an adequate support infrastructure could alleviate these challenges.

The topics in the GBA Blockchain Healthcare Certification Course are:

Megatrends in Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare Systems

Clinical Trials

New Business Models and Tokenization

Public Health

From Acute Care to Prevention

Data Management

Regulatory Issues ie. HIPPA & GDPR

Technical Challenges

Drug Supply Chain & Anti-Counterfeiting

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Business Challenges

Insurance Claims Management/ Frauds Reduction

Cultural Challenges

Administrative Processes


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