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What’s on Tap” is a weekly podcast run by Don Tapscott, and Alex Tapscott, that aims to discuss blockchain, crypto, and beyond. In 30 minutes or less, you will be able to stay up to date with trending topics and current initiatives that you may find relevant to your industry. Each week will feature a new topic and discussion.
Below, are links to the most recent episode discussing ransomware attacks, cryptocurrencies, as well as new developments at the Institute. You may also find all six up-to-date episodes through the “What’s on Tap” link above.
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TokenStandard #Live is the video podcast covering the macro and micro economic forces, shifts, technologies, and people moving the markets as we surge ahead into a full-blown data-driven “token economic system”. Join host Chris J Snook (Editor-In-Chief, Chairman of World Tokenomic Forum and the Sandcastle Startups Challenge as he interviews today’s leading voices to cultivate actionable insights for C-Level leaders, Smart Money, and Technologists seeking to disrupt and decentralize the status quo.

The Blockchain360 podcast was created as a way to help explain and help others learn more about Blockchain.  It was designed to be a discussion of industry leaders about the current state of blockchain, discussing current projects utilizing blockchain, as well as a forward view of the potential of blockchain.

The Blockchain360 podcast was created in conjunction with The Blockchain Academy.  The Blockchain Academy started as a division of CapitalWave Inc but was organized into its own firm in 2017.  CapitalWave Inc. is one of the first learning organizations to provide a truly dynamic educational simulation training platforms. As an organisation that’s roots were founded in the classroom delivery of financial instructor lead programs, we have amassed years of experience in delivering training.

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