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Clearly the world is going blockchain. There are so many indicators. For example, the value of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency blockchains grew from zero in 2009 to $1 billion four years later. The next four years they exploded to over $140 Billion. The volume of Google searches for the term “blockchain” is 100 times what it was in 2013. And, the latest estimates are that more than half of the companies in the world with over 20,000 employees are working on blockchain research, development and deployment. Of those, two-thirds plan to deploy blockchain solutions in 2018. Blockchain technology could potentially impact every transaction involving the transfer of money, property or information. This includes financial transactions, all supply chains, and data feeds. This technology will integrate with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to change the very paradigm of how we interact with people, institutions and technology.

The questions for security professionals is how does this impact our ability to secure our assets and information. This presentation will provide an introductory view into what blockchain technology is and how it will impact the security domain.

This presentation discusses the challenges that blockchain and cryptocurrencies pose for law enforcement, defense, and intelligence professionals and describes the analytical tools and techniques that can be used to identify and stop bad actors who use cryptocurrencies.

This presentation addresses the current state of cybersecurity threats including threats to basic services, the financial sectors, and general data integrity.  It includes a blockchain overview including the nature of blockchains and how all of the elements like cryptography, consensus and distributed management relate to security attributes of a blockchain system.  The presentation goes on to include information about blockchain as a security solution. This topic is explored from a variety of perspectives and use-cases.  It also includes a summary of security considerations from a Risk Management Framework Perspective. This leads to a discussion of relevant government regulations, And lastly, GBA resources available to support solutions related to blockchain and security.

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