FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – The Global Blockchain Association (GBA), an international blockchain advocacy association, is pleased to announce that the United Kingdom Department of International Trade (DIT), Finance & Professional Services (US Mid-Atlantic Region) has joined GBA as the first government organizational member.

The GBA is an organization of thousands of public and private blockchain professionals connected to over 100 chapters in cities around the world and over 50 working groups where public and private sector blockchain enthusiasts connect, communicate, and collaborate. The GBA also boasts one of the largest blockchain training networks in the world.

“GBA is excited to welcome the United Kingdom Department of International Trade as a new member,” said Gerard Dache, GBA’s Executive Director. “The addition of GBA’s first government member is an exciting step forward as GBA looks to foster improved insight and awareness of blockchain technologies in government sectors globally.

GBA has also established a Government Advisory Board under the leadership of Sandy Barsky As the first government organizational member of the Advisory Board, the UK DIT Finance & Professional Services (US Mid-Atlantic Region) will have a position of influence and guide policy, priorities, and the resource of a global blockchain organization. This could help the UK become a global leader in the government adoption of blockchain technology.

Established in July 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) Department for International Trade helps businesses export and grow into global markets, and also help overseas companies locate and grow in the UK. The Department of International Trade helps United Kingdom companies export goods through innovative programs like the UK Export Finance, helping UK exports reach a record high of 640 billion pounds and creating 51,000 jobs.

Hadiza Joy Bamgbose, Trade & Investment Associate at Department for International Trade (DIT) said that “We are very glad to partner with the Gerard Dache, and Government Blockchain Association as members and thought leaders in governments that understand and assimilate the use of DLT and Blockchain Technology. We will be launching a series of Investment/Fintech Forums soon for our GBA community.”

This addition of governments as members adds momentum to an already strong start to 2020. Jan. 31, 2020, GBA hosted federal lawmakers, cryptocurrency and blockchain subject matter experts, and blockchain industry representatives. Approximately 467 attendees packed the United States Capitol Congressional Auditorium for The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law.

Keynote speakers included renowned venture capitalist Timothy Draper, blockchain and innovator and engineer Daniel Larimer, and Scott Stornetta, one of the founding researchers and thought-leaders of blockchain.

With some 15,000 blockchain professionals worldwide, GBA’s mission is to bring together all levels of governments from around the world with various industries for creating helpful dialogue that facilitates the efficient, ethical, and rational adoption of blockchain technology to increase the quality of life for all citizens on a global level.

By cultivating professional networking, training, and educational opportunities between technologists, lawmakers, application specialists, and those who want to learn about the new and emerging digital currencies, GBA acts as a catalyst in creating a public dialogue and positive leveraging of blockchain technology.

For more information on a GBA membership, please contact Gerard Dache at Gerard.Dache@GBAglobal.org.

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