GBA Offers Working Groups For Many Use Cases

The Government Blockchain Association’s Working Groups align with common use cases that governments around the world encounter on a regular basis. In order to help those governments meet their missions to serve citizens, GBA Working Groups evaluate needs and develop blockchain technology recommendations, solutions and publications. GBA members of the Working Groups are strongly encouraged to produce public-facing blogs, white papers, presentations and other relevant publications either on the GBA website or elsewhere.  

Here’s How Working Groups Function

Each GBA Working Group is structured to be a self sufficient entity with an established leadership team that brings GBA’s Working Group members together onto a common agenda.  Working with government sponsors, GBA’s Working Group’s leadership team designs goals and target activities to deliver real value within a reasonable timeline. These opportunities are then presented to the members of the group to pursue by forming:

  • study groups;
  • research or surveys teams;
  • engagement teams;
  • analysis teams; and
  • writing teams.

In accordance with guidance established by the IEEE, an association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity, GBA leadership has issued guidelines for how these working groups will operate. GBA Working Group participants will convene on a regular and established cadence via virtual collaboration using the GBA forums, shared documents, traditional communications and, when possible, in-person. Sub groups would be formed to tackle specific issues; for instance, the very broad category of “health care” could easily apply blockchain technology in over a dozen different types of healthcare use cases.  Similarly, another broad category such as supply chain logistics may be unique in the defense community, and may need its own analysis and recommendations.

Here’s Why GBA Members Should Participate

GBA’s Working Group participation entails an investment of time, commitment and team work. GBA members will contribute to the identification, solution, and recommendations of opportunities and projects that align with government needs and missions. By participating in a Working Group, GBA members will collaborate with other GBA members and may find opportunities to become recognized as thought leaders, advisors or subject matter experts (SME).

To join a GBA Working Group, the GBA member must be a government employee, profesional member or corporate member of GBA. The registered member should click the “View Group” link of the group they would like to join in the table below and then click on the “Join Group” button in the Working Group Profile when it loads. Once you are a member of the group, contact the GBA Working Group Leader to learn about the ways you may get involved in GBA’s Working Group activities.

For more information, or to review blogs and upcoming events, see the list of established GBA Working Groups below. To get involved, GBA members should contact Robert Perry at, or Suggest a Working Group. Working Groups function in accordance with our Working Group Standards.

Government employee members may request a GBA Working Group support for their specific use cases and challenges.  Please complete the Working Group Support Request.

Working GroupsAbout this Working GroupGroup PublicationsGroup LeaderView Group & Members
Acquisition ManagementThis Working Group explores new methods, tools and techniques to use blockchain technology to establish secure and trusted processes for government contractors and acquisition authorities. This group is also exploring establishing a public blockchain to store acquisition data that can be used by contractors and government offices. Private companies and government offices can apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to customize solutions on top of the blockchain data layer.Read NowEarl WarringtonView Group
Asset ManagementThis Working Group will identify and discuss how blockchain technology will disrupt asset management as a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. Read NowPaul CareyView Group
Big DataThe Big Data working group is a specialized body of knowledge which exists to help governments and societies understand how big data is impacting the world we live in today. THe need for blockchain/distributed ledger solutions in the big data arena is massively growing and as a working group we will identify the right measures through collaboration.Coming SoonJoshua ArmahView Group
Budgeting, Accountability & TransparencyLocal, state (provincial), national and international government employees, along with members of the Government Blockchain Association, are invited to participate in a Working Group to study the opportunities and risks of blockchain technologies when applied to government budgeting, appropriations and tracking. Read NowSteven OlsonView Group
CannabisThis groups studies the legal, regulatory, financial, technical and the many issues regarding the complex framework of constraints and opportunities around the cannabis industry for medical, recreational and numerous other uses.Read NowAmy BerlinerView Group
Contract Management The Contract Management Group studies opportunities to use blockchain technologies to improve contract management and payment practices.
Read NowEric UbiasView Group
CybersecurityIdentifies, studies, and develops informative materials to improve the body of technologies, processes and practices to protect information technology assets such as networks, computers, programs and data from hostile attacks, damage or unauthorized access.
Read NowAjay ChandhokView Group
Economic Analysis The goal of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Economic Analysis Working Group is to evaluate the economic impacts of technologies involving blockchain and to offer impartial economic advice. Read NowAndrew GillickView Group
Education and TrainingThe Education and Training Working Group advises GBA staff in the direction and guidance on the long-term education and training goals and objectives of the Association.
The Committee’s Major Role will be to establish and maintain the organization’s Common Body of Knowledge (“GBA CBOK”) and relate this CBOK to the GBA training and certification programs. The instructional design of the core curriculum shall focus primarily on addressing the educational needs of blockchain professionals to develop and advance their careers.
Read NowGerard DacheView Group
Education and TrainingSub Topic: Early Education
The Working Group studies opportunities to use blockchain technologies to support the needs of students below the high school level.
Read NowGavenraj SodhiView Group
EnergyThe purpose of the Energy Working Group is to identify unique problem sets and challenges faced by public and private entities regarding energy supply, distribution and regulation. The group will explore innovative blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to address these challenges to increase the efficiency, security, resilience and sustainability.Read NowChristopher PeoplesView Group
Financial RegulatoryThis working group focuses on the current day and emerging regulatory demands and impacts to compliance programs with Blockchain technology and the financial and payments sectors. This working group encourages Blockchain companies, government regulators, law enforcement, and professionals in the financial regulatory and financial crimes space to join and contribute.Read NowJames McDowellView Group
Financial RegulatorySub Topic: Financial Oversight
The Working Group studies opportunities to use blockchain technologies to improve a variety of financial system practicalities.
Read NowBernie DoyleView Group
Financial RegulatorySub Topic: ICO & STO
The Working Group will focus on compiling best practices for Initial Coin Offerings ("ICO") and Security Token Offerings ("STO") while laying out all relevant regulatory regimes and their current application and potential future implications for ICOs and STOs.
Coming SoonHabeeb SyedView Group
Financial RegulatorySub Topic: Financial Crimes
This Working Group focuses on helping law enforcement and government agencies forensically investigate and monitor illicit cryptocurrency use.
This group supports the development of techniques and advanced search algorithms to reliably detect suspicious activities within cryptocurrency transactions and the “Dark Web”. The focus is supporting cases "threat tagged" to virtual currencies such as human trafficking, illicit drug sales, kidnapping and ransomware attacks.
Read NowAndrew BloomView Group
Financial RegulatorySub Topic: Taxes
This Working Group studies how governments around the world are using blockchain and cryptocurrencies to generate revenue. They also make recommendations for other governments to implement systems, rules and laws to adapt to new technology.
Read NowNabeel MalikView Group
Government OntologyThe purpose of this working group is to identify an information architecture to facilitate the integration and interoperability of blockchains across different levels and functions of governments. Read NowSteve OlsonView Group
Health CareThe GBA Healthcare Working Group (HWG) focuses on applications of blockchain technology to the needs of the healthcare sector.Read NowMarquis AllenView Group
HealthcareSub Topic: Genomic Research
Read NowOfer A. LidskyView Group
Health CareSub Topic: Licensing

Currently, credentials for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are maintained in many fragmented and disconnected systems.
This results in many barriers to the free flow of medical personnel to the locations where they are needed. Blockchain technology can help. If a license is stored on a Blockchain, there is no person who can hold up the transfer of information. If offenses are stored on the Blockchain, any hospital can immediately see if a nurse has been charged before they hire him/her. Moving all of this to a Blockchain means easier movement for healthcare professionals, easier hiring for hospitals, and better care for patients.
Read NowMaria EsquelaView Group
HealthcareSub Topic: Medical Records
Read NowSteve WishstarView Group
Identity ManagementThe purpose of this group is to work with the many identity management organizations, frameworks and standards and try to bring the blockchain solution providers together around common protocols to identify people, places, and organizations while protecting the privacy of individuals. This groups studies how you can make the needed information while protecting the sovereignty of the identity data.Read NowShiv AggarwalView Group
Information TechnologySub Topic:
Blockchain Application Architecture
Read NowWill ButtonView Group
Intellectual Property (IP)This group focuses on the overall issues related to intellectual property. It specifically includes patents, trademarks and other government protections of intellectual property.Read NowMark GottliebView Group
Intellectual Property (IP)Sub Topic: Art and Entertainment
This group discusses how blockchain could address problems including artists must surrender too much of the value to content distribution outlets and other industry entities and those creators of music, images and publications are not protected adequately.
Read NowDavis PfundView Group
Intellectual Property (IP)Sub Topic: Software
Exploring applications of blockchain technology to facilitate use of standard Software ID Tags (SWIDs) to manage the disposition of end-user software products and licenses.
Read NowLeadership roles availableView Group
InsuranceThe Insurance Working Group examines ways that blockchain technology can support improved analysis and management of risk data and reduce the costs and administrative costs and delays. The goal is to make insurance cheaper, faster and more available.Read NowDr. Johnny NoblesView Group
Land TitlingThis working group explores blockchain technologies to address land titling and insurance use cases around the world.Read NowJohn Dean MarkunasView Group
Legislative & Policy The purpose of this working group is to provide legislative and regulatory recommendations to legislative bodies and government regulators. The group facilitates blockchain events in the physical jurisdictions of lawmakers to increase awareness and attract investment dollars to create jobs and improve competitiveness for constituents. The group also supports legislative committees and caucuses by collaborating with industry to comment on proposed legislation and bring issues of significance to the attention of lawmakers. This group also produces work products to help law firms and other non-governmental organizations and individuals understand and comply with blockchain related regulations & statutes. Read NowJosh RadbodView Group
Legislative & PolicySub Topic: Legal Information Management
Leverage Blockchain technology to make “The Law” more open, transparent and accessible– and knowable.
Read NowSteven OlsonView Group
Mining & CryptocurrencyThis working group is for cryptocurrency developers, investors, entrepreneurs, companies and enthusiasts to communicate, collaborate, and discuss new ways to leverage blockchain technology for government contractors and institutions. We will discuss the impact that mining, and the use of cryptocurrencies will have on taxation, regulation and economic activity.Read NowNabeel MalikView Group
Campaign and Fundraising Accountability This group is focussed on working with charitable organizations and campaigns to promote public accountability of donated funds and contributions.Read NowInman PorterView Group
Records ManagementThis working group is interested in developing a content/records management system built on a blockchainJim TomontoView Group
Smart CityA smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information used to manage assets and resources efficiently. Read NowClaudio LimaView Group
Smart CitySub Topic: Economic System
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Supply ChainThe group examine blockchain solutions to improve the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities. Read NowRandall Lee PiresView Group
Supply ChainSub Topic: Food

This working group focuses on the specific challenges for tracking food in a supply chain and bringing together stakeholders around the globe to promote exchange of professional ideas, interests, and discussion to establish best practices that encourage use of Blockchain for Food Supply chain.
Read NowBryan RiceView Group
Supply ChainSub Topic: Licensing and Permitting
Read NowLeadership roles availableView Group
Telcom, Internet & CommsThis working group focuses on how blockchain and related technologies can improve access, efficiencies and support the integrity of communications systems.Read NowSrinivas KontetiView Group
VotingThis working group focuses on using blockchain technology to enable direct democracy and fully transparent, fraud-resistant voting.Read NowSusan EustisView Group
New Groups Forming Now.................................................................................................................
Architecture, Engineering, and ConstructionThe Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) working group explores use cases for blockchain in public infrastructure. We are focused on smart cities initiatives, public infrastructure, sustainable food, water, energy, transportation, and construction applications.Coming SoonThomas WendlingComing Soon
Artificial IntelligenceComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Crypto Asset ManagementComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
BankingComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Economic DevelopmentComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Education & TrainingSub Topic: Higher & Continuing Education
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Digital IdentificationUnder ReviewComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Information TechnologySub Topic: Quantum Computing
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
InsuranceComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Public AccountabilityComing SoonRead NowLeadership roles availableComing Soon
Supply ChainSub Topic: Pharmaceuticals
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
SimulationComing SoonComing SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
SimulationSub Topic: Gaming
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon
SimulationSub Topic: Virtual & Augmented Reality
Coming SoonLeadership roles availableComing Soon