The Impact of Blockchain Technologies on Land Registry Systems: Enhancing Land Administration and Protecting Property Rights

GBA’s Land Titling Working Group is organizing this webinar and roundtable discussion which revolve around the use of blockchain and its value proposition for U.S. County Recorders’ Offices.

An unprecedented panel of blockchain and land registry professionals will help us cut through the hype to gain a clear understanding of the value of this new technology.

Mark your calendar and join us as we:

  • explore what blockchain is and isn’t,
  • discuss land registry friction and the pain points,
  • make the case for blockchain in land registries,
  • identify the prerequisites for blockchain adoption,
  • implementation and integration levels
  • cut through the hype and explore pilot programs and actual use cases in the U.S. and worldwide,
  • forecast the future of blockchain within land registries.

When:  Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Time:  10 am EST – 11 am EST

Where:  GBA Virtual Zoom

Cost: Free

Details  of this event, the panelists and the registration link will be published soon.

John Dean Markunas
Leader, GBA Land Titling Working Group

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